What type of RVs are allowed?
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What is an RV?

From Wikipedia:

"The term recreational vehicle (RV) is often used as a broad category of motor vehicles and trailers which include living quarters designed for temporary accommodation. Types of RVs include motorhomes, campervans, caravans (also known as travel trailers and camper trailers), fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers."


Important: All camping vehicles must be fully self-contained. Your RV must have an interior toilet and built-in holding tanks or bladders for wastewater. Porta-potties that remain inside the vehicle at all times are acceptable but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate facility. The dumping of gray water on Host properties is prohibited. You may only use your RV’s indoor cooking facilities at Host locations; the use of any outdoor cooking facilities is expressly prohibited.

Here's a helpful blog post offering helpful tips to meet our self-contained standards.

Accepted RVs:

** If your self-contained rig does not fit in this category, please use our chat feature to reach out to our team with images of your rig for review.

We do allow hybrid (expandable) travel trailers where only the bed areas pop out, but the rest of the trailer is composed of four rigid sides. We allow camper vans where the bed area at the top of the van pops up (but again, the rest of the van has four rigid sides). We allow clamshell and teardrop trailers, but their outdoor cooking facilities may not be used while on Host properties.


Traditional pop-up campers, otherwise known as folding camping trailers, where the middle and sides of the trailer pop up and out, are prohibited in Harvest Hosts but are allowed in Boondockers Welcome as long as they are fully self-contained. They must have a bed, toilet (portable toilets are fine as long as you use it in the rig), sink, and a grey water holding tank at a minimum.

Also prohibited: Tents, such as ground tents or car rooftop tents; sleeping in cars or trucks; overlanding in jeeps, bikes, or ATVs. Our hosts have signed on to our program with the expectation they'll only receive stay requests from travelers in fully self-contained RVs.

Good Alternatives

We DO offer discounts to tent campers at participating campgrounds through our sister membership called CampersCard. You can browse included campgrounds and the discounts they offer before you purchase a membership.

We also offer a membership to help you snag those sought-after camping spots at highly traveled National Parks and Recreation Areas. Check

out CampScanner.com for more details.

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Do you have a Clamshell or Teardrop? If so, click HERE to read more about these.

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