Are children and families welcome?
Updated over a week ago

Harvest Hosts is wonderful for kids and families! We have many members who are on the road full-time with their kids.

While we do have a few hosts that ask for adults only, you will find that our Hosts are truly inviting to children, including the wineries/breweries. It is important that you remember these are businesses and make sure the kids stay on their best behavior and always supervise them while at our Host locations.
Harvest Hosts has some really unique options that kids love:

  • An alligator ranch in Mississippi

  • A skeleton museum in Oklahoma

  • A dinosaur museum in Utah

  • Toy and Train Museum in West Virginia

  • Multiple Train & Aviation Museums

  • An underground salt museum in Kansas

  • The world's largest railway station in Nebraska

  • Tons of alpaca, goat, horse, and miscellaneous farms

That should keep you busy for a while!

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