It is important to cancel your request prior to the 24-hour period if you are not able to make a stay. Spots that are held for a Member cannot be used by other Members.

Members who do not show up and do not contact the Host either via our Request-A-Stay system, messaging center, text, phone, or email will be considered a "no-show" by the Host. This is extremely disruptive to the Host and takes away a valuable spot for a fellow RVer.

Here is our policy:

  1. The first, and subsequent violation, will result in an automatic 1-star Member review for that stay.

  2. The second violation will result in a follow-up from a Harvest Host Member Success representative to ensure you are well and nothing is preventing you from keeping your scheduled stays.

  3. The third violation will result in a membership suspension for up to one year. No refunds will be provided.

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