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What is the No Show and Cancellation Policy?
What is the No Show and Cancellation Policy?
Updated over a week ago

It is important to cancel your Stay Request prior to the 24-hour period if you are not able to make a Stay. If you are within the 24-hour period it is your responsibility to cancel the stay and provide a reason for the short notice. Excessive short-notice cancellations are subject to an account review. Spots that are held for one Member cannot be used by other members and the cancellation reopens the parking space for use by another member.

Members who do not show up and do not contact the Host either via our Request A Stay system, messaging center, text, phone, or email will be considered a "no-show" by the Host. This is extremely disruptive to the Host and takes away a valuable spot for a fellow RVer.

Here is our policy:

  1. The first, and subsequent violation, will result in an automatic 1-star Member review for that stay. These reviews can be seen by other Hosts.

  2. The second violation will result in a follow-up from a Harvest Host Member Success representative to ensure you are well and nothing is preventing you from keeping your scheduled stays.

  3. The third violation will result in a membership suspension for up to one year. No refunds will be provided.


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