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What is Boondockers Welcome?
What is Boondockers Welcome?
Updated over a week ago

Boondockers Welcome is a community that is built on reciprocity and individuals rather than businesses. One of the major differences between Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts is that you would be staying on private property. You can also stay for up to five nights in a 90-day period depending on the Host's preferences, which are listed in the Host's profile. We have 3,300+ locations, and one of the great things about Boondockers Welcome is that over 75% of the Hosts have hook-ups available!

Boondockers Welcome is a separate membership plan from Harvest Hosts. If you have a current Harvest Hosts membership, you can upgrade your plan to include Boondockers Welcome using these instructions HERE. If you do not have a Harvest Hosts membership and are only interested in a Boondockers Welcome membership, you can visit the "Become a Guest" page to join.

To read a more extensive breakdown, please visit our new blog post The Real Differences Between Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts. We also included a helpful visual explanation below:

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