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Can I cook outside my RV, especially with my outdoor kitchen?
Can I cook outside my RV, especially with my outdoor kitchen?
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Harvest Hosts

We do not allow cooking outside of the RV, including outdoor kitchens, grills, or campfires. We suggest that our members eat a lighter fare (sandwiches, salads, etc.), dine before they arrive to the Host location, patronize the Host venue for food service, or cook inside of their RV.

Boondockers Welcome

Rigs with built-in outdoor kitchens qualify as long as you're willing and able to NOT use the kitchen unless you've checked with the host and are sure they are okay with you using it. If you have an RV with an outdoor kitchen, please include a note in your rig description when you create your profile. Describe it and indicate that you're able to function entirely indoors and without using it if the host prefers.

Especially in urban areas or with neighbors nearby, hosts may want you to be stealthy. In other situations, we're pretty sure most hosts won't mind. If you check for hosts who allow you to set up lawn chairs and a barbecue outside, you can be pretty sure your kitchen won't be an issue. But it's better if they know upfront.


Some Hosts will allow bonfires. However, this is up to the host's discretion and is subject to local laws.

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