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Can I find a long-term parking space with hosts?
Can I find a long-term parking space with hosts?
Updated over a week ago

No. Our Hosts provide a stop for folks who are traveling in their self-contained RV and need a place to stop for a day or two while passing through or visiting the area attractions. If you are not actively traveling, or if you're looking for longer-term parking than that, our platform is not for you.

Requesting long-term stays with Hosts may result in a loss of guest privileges. Please also avoid requests for RV storage as that is not what our hosts are signed up for.

Many of our Hosts have also told us they don't want to provide "free rent" for someone who is in the area to earn an income. Websites where property owners charge a fee so that RVers can work in exchange for camping would be a better choice. Many campgrounds also offer discounts for long-term stays.

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