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Are Hosts allowed to charge a deposit?
Are Hosts allowed to charge a deposit?
Updated over a week ago

As you know, the competition for RV parking spaces has increased exponentially over the last 2 years because of record sales in RVs and more limited campgrounds, State, and Federal parks. Because of this, we have seen a HUGE number of Members who are making reservations with our Hosts and then just not showing up or calling. Hosts are turning down other members to stay there and losing income potential from other members that could have used those spaces.
With our Request a Stay system, we are using a 3-strikes policy of canceling memberships for this. It is very unfair to both our Hosts and other Members who need a spot to camp.

In the meantime, we have allowed a few Hosts with high numbers of no-calls/no-shows to implement the option to take a credit card to hold the space. If Members are planning to arrive as scheduled, it should not be an issue to guarantee the space. These Hosts will certainly be understanding if there was an emergency that prevented Members from arriving.

Most campgrounds do charge a full night fee if someone makes a reservation and then doesn't show up. One Host told us that in a single month he had 17 no-call, no-show reservations. After implementing a hold on a credit card, he had 1 during the next month and was able to serve many more of our Members.

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