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What is the Family of RV memberships under Harvest Hosts?
What is the Family of RV memberships under Harvest Hosts?
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While our brands are different, they are all part of the Harvest Hosts family of camping schemes. And each brand is designed to solve a different need for the global camping family.

Our driving motivation is to make happy campers and happy communities. Since there are many types of campers that affect many types of communities, we decided to provide different solutions targeted at each of the main types of campers and communities.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is our core product and is aimed at the camper who is looking to create experiences while not on such a tight timetable that they would mind going off the beaten path to find one. Harvest Hosts offers free overnight stays at our 4,800+ host locations. We offer 2 tiers of membership: HH Classic, which includes wineries, farms, breweries and distilleries, attractions, and churches, and HH + Golf, which adds golf courses along with the HH Classic hosts. This program partners campers with small business host locations for the win!

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a great membership aimed at the camper who wants more than one night but also looking for that unique experience. Our Boondockers Welcome hosts are personal residences that offer free overnights from one to five days in a three-month period. Most offer some form of hookup for your convenience.


CampersCard is a membership program aimed at the camper who prefers amenities offered by campgrounds and RV parks but would like to save money so they are able to camp more. This discount membership provides members with discounts off part or all of their stay, as well as some CamperCard-only perks at the campground.


CampScanner is a membership program aimed at the camper that wants to stay at one of the highly sought-after parks and campgrounds that never seem to have a campsite available, especially during seasonal travel times. You can create a scan by choosing the park/campground where you would like to stay and add preference filters for your search, such as ADA, vehicle size, site type, date of desired arrival, and length of desired stay. We do the rest. When we find an open campsite that fits your criteria, we will send you a scan alert by SMS text with a link to the campgrounds reservation system for you to book your spot.

Brit Stops

Brit Stops is a membership scheme for those wanting to stay at free hosting sites across England, Scotland, and Ireland. Brit Stops is a network of 1,100+ farms shops, pubs & vineyards, and other fantastic locations that invite motorhomers to stay for one night โ€” free of charge!

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