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Do you have testimonies of Happy Campers?
Do you have testimonies of Happy Campers?
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Yes we do! Our members are very excited about Harvest Hosts & Boondockers Welcome and love to recommend us. Here are a couple of testimonials:

We have used this numerous times, we have been gifted unbelievable locations and hosts. This provides a nice break from the campgrounds we stay in on our trips. We have never been disappointed, the hardest thing is deciding which host to choose in an area. The opportunities grow daily, if you have not, sign up and start enjoying.


The best annual fee we spend--we meet the nicest people and stay in the most beautiful spots in the country and Canada.

Steve F.

Everyone we've stayed at on HH and BW has went Over and Above what they've stated they offered. I tell my family and Friends and even complete strangers on RV life over 50 about the Great value it is to have HH and BW as a Plus in getting RV places that are Safe and Adventurous, just well worth the price, just to Have a Peace of Mind knowing we're safe and have a "Go to Place" waiting for you.

Jerry K.

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