How does Harvest Hosts work?
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One Membership, Unlimited Adventures

With a Harvest Hosts membership, you get unlimited overnight stays to any of our Hosts — for no camping fees! While it may seem too good to be true, unlimited overnight stays without camping fees is a win-win for both our Members and our Hosts. Let's break down how it works.

Access Thousands of Host Locations

Members get unlimited overnight stays at thousands of small businesses that invite RVers to park there overnight for safe and convenient stays.

Instead of Camping Fees, Make a Purchase

Don’t pay to park your RV! Support a Enjoy a sunset tasting at a winery, slip into a pair of fuzzy socks at an alpaca farm, or pick fresh fruit from an orchard.

It’s a Win For Everyone

You get to savor amazing stays at Hosts across North America, while Hosts appreciate the business and free advertising. And together, Hosts and Members form an amazing community.

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