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General FAQs
General FAQs
General questions for non-logged in members or potential members
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Can we join with a rented RV?
I have converted my car/pick-up truck/mini-van into an RV. Can I join?
How do I redeem a gift code given to me by a Boondockers Welcome Host?
What is the difference between Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome?
Can I stay Multiple Nights with Hosts in Harvest Hosts?
How do I Suggest or Refer a New Host Location?
Do you have a Referral or Partner Program for Harvest Hosts?
What is your Inclusion policy?
Code of Conduct in French
Do you have a Referral or Partner Program for Harvest Hosts for content creators?
Can I use a rental or rented RV?
Are memberships based on calendar year or 365 days?
Do you have a Store where I can purchase Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome merchandise?
Can I use a generator?
Can I share my membership?
Can I unhook my tow vehicle?
Does my RV qualify as self-contained if I carry a portable or composting toilet?
How do you vet your host locations?
What is the Courtesy Contract?
How do I use the Chat/Help feature on the website?
How do I redeem a Gift Membership that I purchased for my existing membership?
How much should I spend at a Host location?
Are pets allowed?
Can I volunteer?
What are the parking areas like?
Can I use stabilizing jacks and leveling devices?
What are the member benefits?
How do Hosts benefit from the program?
Can we see a map of the locations?
Is there competition to get a spot at Host locations?
Are memberships renewed/billed by Calendar year or from the date I joined?
How many Harvest Hosts are in my state?
Can I have packages or mail sent to a host location that I will be staying at?
Do I have to play golf at your golf Hosts?
What if my host map is blank when I go to Find Hosts on the website?
What is the + Golf plan?
Are tents allowed?
Are children and families welcome?
Can we use grills or have bonfires?
Can We Purchase a Gift Certificate / Gift Membership?
What's the difference between Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, CampersCard, CampScanner, and Brit Stops?
How do I Submit a Guest Blog Post?
Can I Print or get a Printed Directory list of Hosts?
What is CampScanner?
What is the No Show and Cancellation Policy?
Where can I get information about becoming a Harvest Hosts Host?
Are there age restrictions for RVs?
Do you allow Clamshell or Teardrop campers?
How do I calculate my RV length?
Do you allow Aliner A-Frame Campers?
Do you allow Hybrid Trailers and RVs?
Why am I not getting my password reset email?
How do I redeem a Gift Membership?
What is your Refund Policy?
Why can I not sign up using my email address?
What is Boondockers Welcome?
How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
How do I View the Golf Host locations?
How do I join?
How do I reactivate my canceled membership?
What is the cost of membership?
How do I get a password reset?
What does "self-contained" mean and why is this a requirement for members?
Do you have a discount for active and former military personnel?
How will I be able to search for hosts once I am a member?
How many Harvest Hosts hosts are in Canada?
What is boondocking?
Can we host RVers even if we don't have an RV?
Are there rules of etiquette for members in Boondockers Welcome?
What is the Code of Conduct for Harvest Hosts?
How often do I have to welcome guests to become a Boondockers Welcome host?
Can I still register as a Boondockers Welcome Host if I have a property to share but can't host anyone for the next few months?
What do I do if I can't remember my password or my password doesn't seem to work?
How do I find the FAQs for Harvest Hosts?
Is Boondockers Welcome only for RVers?
What is an RV (Recreational Vehicle)? Do all types qualify for Boondockers Welcome guest privileges?
What type of vehicles are allowed?
Do homemade or custom-built RVs qualify for guest privileges?
Can I join Boondockers Welcome if my RV has an outdoor kitchen?
What's the cost to join Boondockers Welcome?
Are pop-up/tent trailers allowed in Boondockers Welcome?
Are there vehicle size restrictions?
Can I check if a host is available and will accept me to stay before I join Boondockers Welcome?
I operate a small campground. Can I list it as a host location with Boondockers Welcome?
Can I join to find a place to stay while I work in the area?
Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?
Do you sell or share my personal details?
Do Boondockers Welcome Hosts charge a fee?
How do I open or close the Chat window on the website?
Are there camping fees and/or required purchases in Harvest Hosts?
Are Hosts open all year?
Can I find a long-term parking space with hosts?
Can I arrive after business hours?
Will this website help me find boondocking on public land?
How do I offer my property to become a BW Boondockers Welcome host?
How far ahead should I request a stay with a Host?
How long can I stay?
Can Boondockers Welcome Hosts charge for electric or water hookups?
What about liability? Should I worry about getting sued by a Boondockers Welcome guest or a Boondockers Welcome host?
Must I buy something from the Host?
Can I Cook outside of my RV at host locations?
Can I use Golf Hosts that are part of my All Access or HH+Golf membership if I do not golf?
Do I have to drink alcohol to be a member?
I purchased a Gift Membership for someone else. How do they redeem it?
Do Hosts offer Hookups in Harvest Hosts?
How long can I stay at a Boondockers Welcome host location?
What are the Stay Rules and Restrictions for Boondockers Welcome?
I'm a single woman. Is Boondockers Welcome safe?
Do Hosts add charges for overnight stays?
Can I be a Boondockers Welcome host if I can only offer curbside street parking?
How do I get my membership card?
If I have friends traveling with me in a second vehicle, do they need to be a member of Harvest Hosts?
If I don’t drink, can I still stay at a winery or brewery?