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How far ahead should I request a stay with a Host?
How far ahead should I request a stay with a Host?
Updated over a week ago

We understand that many RVers travel with adaptable plans so that they have the flexibility to change their routes or stay longer in interesting locations.

Many of our Hosts use our online Request-A-Stay system. Those Hosts will allow you to see availability in advance from 90-180 days for Harvest Hosts and 7-180 days for Boondockers Welcome (depending on the Host and their preferences). If their calendar is grayed out, the Host is either unavailable or not booking stays that far in advance.

There are a few exceptions:

  1. If your plans change and you need a place to stay the same day, you can call or request a same day stay if the Host's Profile page allows, but please be understanding if they cannot accommodate you.

  2. A few of our Hosts don't require advance notice. The Host Profile page will let you know that.

Likewise, if you change your plans, please let the Hosts know so that they are not waiting for you to arrive as scheduled.

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