How do I submit a host review?
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There are four ways to leave a review for a host with which you have recently stayed.
​(** Please do not mention personal names in Boondockers Welcome Hosts. )

Link in Review Email

Click the link in the "Leave a Review" email that you receive after your Stay. You will need to be logged in to your membership for this link to work.

Website - Stay Request

The Stays that are made through our online Request A Stay system can be seen on the website.

Once logged into the website:

  1. Choose Stays from the top menu.

  2. Choose Past under the page title.

  3. Click on the Add Review button for the appropriate Host/Stay.

  4. Fill out the Review form and click the Add Review button at the bottom

Website - Host Profile Page

Visit the Host Profile page, scroll down to the Reviews section & click the Add Review button.


In the app, you will go to Stays and click Past Stay". Then click on the Host you wish to leave a review for.

Click on the gray Add a Review box under the host header and submit your review.

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