How do you vet your host locations?
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The quality of our Hosts and the safety of our Members are of the utmost importance to us. Every Host we add to our memberships goes through a stepped process of review in order to be approved as one of our hosting locations.

  1. LOCATION - We look at Google Maps to ensure that they have enough space to accommodate RVs.

  2. REVIEWS - We search social media, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Google reviews, etc. to look at their reviews.

  3. PUBLIC RECORD - We do internet searches to see if we can find anything negative about them.

  4. REGISTRIES - We check the national sex registry by both the owner's name and the address to ensure that they are clear.

Many of our new Hosts are recommended to us by our Members or other Hosts who have personally visited those locations. However, we are unable to travel the entire US and Canada to visit every new potential Host. Occasionally, we have a new Host that does not live up to our high standards.
That is why we rely heavily on the feedback we receive from our Members who submit Host Reviews. We make it a priority to follow up on anything negative we hear. Last year, we added almost 2,000 new Hosts and only had a few that ended up not working out. Member feedback helps us to ensure the quality of all our Hosts.

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