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Getting Started with Harvest Hosts
Getting Started with Harvest Hosts
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Overview of Program

  • The program offers members 1 free night of dry camping in exchange for a suggested $30+ purchase at the host location

  • Hosts provide a secure overnight parking space without requiring hookups.

  • If available, Hosts may charge members a reasonable rate for hookups.

  • Additional nights can be offered for a fee, managed off-platform to avoid overbooking, and won't be recorded on the Host's calendar.

  • Members must be in a qualified self-contained unit and follow the Member Code of Conduct.

Requirements to Host

  • Commercial Liability coverage must be in place to cover overnight guests on the property, in addition to Harvest Hosts’ Property Protection Plan.

  • Hosts must-have items and/or experience to sell to Members or accept donations/tips.

  • Hosts must have the right to park overnight guests in the designated Hosting area.

  • During onboarding, hosts must communicate with Harvest Hosts staff via email/phone/text for information or required actions.

  • Hosts are expected to respond promptly to Member requests.

Host Benefits

  • Our mobile App facilitates easy hosting management.

  • Active Hosts receive a complimentary Harvest Hosts plus Golf membership.

  • A chat feature is accessible on the Harvest Hosts website and host dashboard for questions.

  • Members are encouraged to spend a recommended $30 or more while at each location.

  • Hosts can control their Hosting calendar and days available for Hosting.

  • Active Hosts benefit from free exposure to 200,000+ members through marketing.

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