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Joining Harvest Hosts
Joining Harvest Hosts

Find the right membership for you!

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What do I need to know about joining or purchasing a membership?

How does Harvest Hosts work?
What is boondocking?
Will this website help me find boondocking on public land?
What is the difference between Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome?
Are memberships renewed/billed by Calendar year or from the date I joined?
Are memberships based on calendar year or 365 days?
What is the Code of Conduct for Harvest Hosts?
Code of Conduct in French
How do I find the FAQs for Harvest Hosts?
Can I stay Multiple Nights with Hosts in Harvest Hosts?
How long can I stay?
Is there competition to get a spot at Host locations?
Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?
Are there camping fees and/or required purchases in Harvest Hosts?
Can I Cook outside of my RV at host locations?
Must I buy something from the Host?
Do I have to drink alcohol to be a member?
If I don’t drink, can I still stay at a winery or brewery?
Are children and families welcome?
Are pets allowed?
If I have friends traveling with me in a second vehicle, do they need to be a member of Harvest Hosts?
Do RVs traveling together each need their own separate subscription or membership?
Can I volunteer?
What is the + Golf plan?
Do I have to play golf at your golf Hosts?
Are there rules of etiquette for members in Boondockers Welcome?
Is Boondockers Welcome only for RVers?
Can I check if a host is available and will accept me to stay before I join Boondockers Welcome?
How long can I stay at a Boondockers Welcome host location?
I'm a single woman. Is Boondockers Welcome safe?
What is the Courtesy Contract?
What are the Stay Rules and Restrictions for Boondockers Welcome?
What is your Inclusion policy?