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Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?
Do the Hosts offer electricity, water or sewer hook-ups?
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Harvest Hosts

Hosts in our Harvest Hosts membership are, first and foremost, businesses and do not provide the services that you would find at a campground.

Locations with hook-ups are the exception rather than the norm, and for this reason, we require all members to be self-contained. We understand that in hot weather it would be nice to have electricity, and the Hosts are amenable to allowing reasonable use of generators during a visit. You just need to ask when you call for a reservation.

You will notice that some of the Hosts will mention on their page that hook-ups are available. Some provide this complimentary (usually electric) and others have an optional (but not required to use) hook-up available for a charge.

Boondockers Welcome

We have 3,400+ locations in this program and one of the great things about Boondockers Welcome is that over 70% of the Hosts have hook-ups available. If you use hookups, be prepared to pay a nominal fee to the Host.

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