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How do I add or submit a Photo of a host location as a member?
How do I add or submit a Photo of a host location as a member?
Updated over a week ago

If you have pictures of specific Host locations, you can add those on the website and app. Please note that these are uploaded to the Host's profile page for the photo gallery or attached to your review (if you provided the photo while you were submitting a Host review).


Add Gallery Photo

After logging in, either search for the Host by name in the Search Box at the top of the page and select it in the list that pops under the box or click on the Stays link in the top menu. Once on the Host Profile page, click the Add Photo button below the photo header.

They you can:

  1. Click Browse to upload one of your local photos of this host.

  2. Remove a photo you have selected to upload.

  3. Click the Add Photos button to upload and add your photo to the Host's gallery.

Add Review Photo

[coming soon]


Click the "Stays" button at the bottom of your screen, and then click on "Past" stays when it opens to the next screen.

From here, you can click the "Add Photos" button to upload photos to a Host location

Please note that we allow Members to upload photos of Harvest Hosts locations ONLY. Members cannot add photos of Boondockers Welcome locations due to privacy concerns as they are private residences.

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