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My App is not working. What do I do?
My App is not working. What do I do?
Updated over a week ago

If you are having issues with our App not working properly, we suggest that you delete and re-install our App to be sure you are using the latest version of the App.

We periodically release updates to both our iOS and Android Apps. Depending on the settings on your device, our App will automatically update when a new release is posted. If you suddenly have issues with the app working properly, it may be that your device setting do not allow for automatic App updates.

If this happens, simply delete the aApp from your device and re-download a fresh copy from your app store. Your membership data is securely attached to your membership login and not stored in the App itself. Once you log back into the App using your login email and password, your membership data is automatically restored into the fresh version of our App.

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