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Do you approve negative comments about hosts?
Do you approve negative comments about hosts?
Updated over a week ago

If we get a negative comment in a Host or Member review, most of them ARE approved and posted to the website. We take all reviews seriously. If you search our Hosts, you will be able to see some very honest reviews that may contain some negative content.
We do monitor the negative comments BEFORE they are posted. Every Host is notified when a review is made of their location and we want to make sure all reviews are valid. Sometimes this takes us a few weeks to get those processed.

Negative reviews are used to help us maintain the level of quality for our Hosts. If a Host has received several negative reviews, we sometimes choose to take the Host out of our program depending on the severity of the issues that have been raised. We also have Members who email or call us directly to tell us about Hosts and we make those notes internally.

We do have a few exceptions:

1) When we contact the Host about a negative review and get a completely different perspective, we must consider any discrepancies before posting the comment. For example, one member told us the gate was closed when they arrived. After calling the Host, we found out the member did not arrive when they told the Host they would and never called to let the Host know. The Host waited two hours past their business hours and the member never arrived. It is not fair to post negativity on the part of the Host when the member was clearly at fault.

2) When a negative comment includes an absolute statement, name-calling or anything of that nature, we do not post it. Occasionally, we edit those parts out of the review so that we can post the rest of the comment. For example, "This Host was a jerk." or "This is the worst food we have ever had in our life." It is quite possible to leave constructive criticism for the Host and other members without being mean.

Hosts are also allowed to review the Members. We monitor those to make sure that our Members are also presented in a good light and weren't just having a bad day when they arrived late. We wouldn't want a Member to be denied a Stay at another Host due to an unfavorable review if additional information adds clarity to the situation (like a flat tire or traffic jam).

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