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What makes a good host review/reference?
What makes a good host review/reference?
Updated over a week ago

Reviews are a great way to get the inside scoop on a location you are considering visiting. In the same way, a positive review can sway your decision to stop and a negative review can be the one thing that causes you to drive on by.

When submitting a review/reference, your opinion matters and is valuable. Please use your voice wisely. Your review has the potential to influence other Members.

With that in mind, focus your review/reference on the facts of your experience. This helps shape expectations around what the Host has to offer rather than how you felt about them.

Hosts are always looking for ways to improve their business and member experience so offer constructive feedback that can help them make meaningful changes.

Lastly, the review process is not a forum for discussion. Leave comments that do not demand a response.

Tell your STORY

S - Share some details about your stay. What were the highlights and the lowlights?

T - Talk about your interaction with the Host. How well did they communicate with you? What did they do to create a unique experience for you?

O - Offer a compliment or a suggestion that could make this location even better.

R - Recommend the best products and services you were able to purchase or how to make a donation to support the Host.

Y - You will want to know . . . What should members know before requesting a stay?

(** Please do not include personal names for Boondockers Welcome Hosts.)

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