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Can I get Push Notifications on my mobile device?
Can I get Push Notifications on my mobile device?
Updated over a week ago

YES! We do offer push notifications on your mobile device for those using our app. You can choose what you want notifications for and how you want those notifications to be sent to you when logged in to either the website or the app.

Please note that this is only available on the app and they are unique to your device. Also, Push notifications are specific for each device. This means that if you share an membership with a spouse, for instance, using the app you can each:

  1. Receive your own Push notifications about activity on your membership Stay Requests.

  2. Set notification preferences on your individual devices to be personal to that device.

Setting Push Notifications up on the app:

Tap “profile” in the bottom right-hand corner and then going to Notifications. Toggle Push notifications on and off in each category of notifications as you would like to set them up.


Account and billing notifications are not included in these notification setting and therefore cannot be received through Push notifications.

These preferences apply to both the user’s Member and Host communications. For example, if the user turns off their email and SMS notifications for stay requests, they will not receive notifications as a Member OR as a Host.

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