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How do Extra Nights work?
Updated over a week ago

Boondockers Welcome Hosts and members are familiar with multiple-night Stays. Now Hosts with Harvest Hosts can offer Extra Night Stays as well.

Harvest Hosts

How it is displayed

Members can identify Hosts that offer Extra Nights in three places. The first place will be on the Host Card that pops up after clicking a Host Icon on the Discover Map. If a Host offers Extra Night(s) Stays, there will be an Extra Night(s) icon displayed at the bottom of the photo beside the initial Host Details.

You will also find this information in the top Callouts and the new Extra Nights section on the Host Profile.

When you click the Learn More About Extra Nights link, you will see the following information in a popup window:

Requesting Extra Nights

If a Host allows Extra Nights, fill in the Request Extra Nights section of the Stay Request.

After submitting the Stay Request, message the Host to confirm their ability for you to stay additional nights. Do not arrive expecting additional nights without this confirmation from the Host.

Boondockers Welcome

How it works

BW Hosts have always been able to offer multiple-night Stays to our BW members. When a BW member requests a multi-day Stay, BW Hosts receive one Stay Request for the entire Stay to approve or decline.

How it is displayed

If BW Hosts choose to allow more than one night for a single Stay, this will be prominently displayed on the Host Card to pops up after clicking on a Host icon on the Discover Map.

This will also be displayed on the Host Profile page as part of our new Callout section at the top of the Host Profile content.

Requesting Multiple Nights

If the BW Host has enabled multi-Night Stays, click the Check Availability button on the Host Profile page and you will be able to select up to the maximum number of nights that the Host allows. Complete the Stay Request form and the Host will be notified to either approve or decline the Request.

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