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How do I get my membership card?
How do I get my membership card?
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Memberships cards can be printed from the member dashboard on the website, the mobile version of the website, and within the app. You can also take a picture or screenshot of the membership card on your mobile device.

There are a few reasons we have membership cards available directly on the site instead of mailing them.

  1. We have many full-time RV'ers that are members. They rarely get their mail so it might be months before they would actually get the card.

  2. Some people join Harvest Hosts and want to stay immediately. They can join, print their card, and find a Host the same day.

  3. Many of our members are paperless. They choose to use their mobile device instead of an actual membership card to show the Host.

We have simplified the process, as much as possible, to make it easier for everyone.


Click on the Print Membership Card link located on the home page of the Member's Dashboard.


To access the card within the app, click "Profile" in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on "Membership Card" about halfway down the page.

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