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What is your Refund Policy?
What is your Refund Policy?
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We want you to be happy! At Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome, our goal is to create a vibrant community of satisfied Members and Hosts. We understand that our memberships might not be for everyone and that not everyone may agree with our Code Of Conduct or Courtesy Contract.

New Memberships

We will happily refund your membership dues within the first 90 days of purchase. Rest assured knowing that we stand behind our product! In order to obtain a refund, you must contact our team directly.

As stated in our Satisfaction Guarantee, this will be a one-time refund. If the account is reactivated in the future, or the same member opens a new account, no further refunds will be given. Refunds will not be given if two or more stays have been completed within the 90-day period. If a member account is refunded, all membership discounts will be forfeited, and future reactivations will revert to current membership rates.

Membership Renewals

We will be glad to provide a refund for memberships within the first 30 days after a renewal and for which there have not been any requested stays during that period.

Memberships created through the Apple App

Where eligible for refunds, a purchase of a subscription in connection with an Application from the Apple App Store will be processed through the Apple App Store, in accordance with Apple’s refund policy, available at Please refer to the Apple refund policy for instructions on how to request a refund, or check the status of your refund.

*Please note that special event promotions are not eligible for a refund.

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