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How do I cancel my Membership?
How do I cancel my Membership?
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Cancel next year's renewal
To cancel your membership at the end of your membership year, log into your member dashboard and go to Membership > Manage Membership, and click on Cancel Your Membership at the bottom below your membership description. This will cancel your membership at the end of the term so you can use it for the remainder of the membership year.

Scroll down to the bottom of the pop up window and click the Cancel My Account link.

Cancel and request a refund

If you would like to cancel your membership within a 90-day window from the initial purchase or 30 days from your renewal, you can cancel and request a refund by contacting us.

Click on the green help/chat icon at the bottom right corner of our website. Then select the "Send us a Message" button and we would be happy to handle this for you!

If you purchased from the Apple App Store: Where eligible for refunds, a purchase of a subscription in connection with an Application from the Apple App Store will be processed through the Apple App Store, in accordance with Apple’s refund policy, available at Please refer to the Apple refund policy for instructions on how to request a refund, or check the status of your refund.

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