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What are notification options and how can I edit these notification preferences?
What are notification options and how can I edit these notification preferences?
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What are my notification options for requests, reviews, and messages?

Did you know that you can receive email and/or SMS text message notifications for stay requests, reviews, and messages? We have made it easy for you to edit how you would like to be notified and tailor it to what works best for you! On our website, you can set your preferences for the email and SMS notifications you would like to receive.

Below are the categories of notifications you can receive and some examples of each category of notification.

Stay Requests

Get important notifications and reminders about your stay requests.

Notifications in the stay request category include:

  • New stay request

  • Approved stay request

  • Updated stay request

  • Canceled stay request

  • Declined stay request

  • Upcoming stay request reminder

  • Daily stay digest (for Hosts)

Reviews & Photos

Receive notifications and reminders about reviews and photos.

Notifications in the Reviews & Photos category include:

  • Review reminder

  • Review received (for Hosts)

  • Review posted

  • Photos uploaded

  • Photos posted


Get notified when a member or a host sends you a new message.

Notifications in the messages category include:

  • New message

How can I edit these notifications and tailor them to what works best for me?


Log into the website, click on the button at the top right with your photo and name, and choose Account from the drop-down menu. Then choose Notifications from the left column menu.

Here you can toggle your Notifications on or off depending on how you would like to receive them from us.

Mobile Website

[coming soon]


Click “profile” in the bottom right-hand corner and then go to “notifications”. You can then toggle the notification options on or off in each category.

**The App does have one unique feature: push notifications! Please note that this is only available on the app and they are unique to your device. If you have three different devices, you can set the push notifications separately and differently on each device.


Account and billing notifications cannot be changed through the notification preferences. They are always enabled.

These preferences apply to both the user’s Member and Host communications. For example, if the user turns off their email and SMS notifications for stay requests, they will not receive notifications as a Member OR as a Host.

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