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How will I receive communications and notifications for my membership?
How will I receive communications and notifications for my membership?
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We love our Members and want you to have all the information that you need to fully enjoy your Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome experience. Here is an overview of our basic communication strategy to help you feel connected and empowered as a Member.

Methods of Communication

We utilize different methods to notify you of various types of activity for your membership.

  • Email - This is the central communication channel for all things account and billing related.

  • SMS texts - You can receive optional text alerts for Stay Requests and Message Center messages.

  • Push Notification - Users of our app can receive notifications directly through your mobile device for Stay Requests and Message Center messages.

Types of Communication

  1. Account & Billing - Any notifications about your membership account or billing will come to you by email to the primary email address associated with your membership and used for your login. You cannot opt out of this communiciation.

  2. New Members - Successful payment and Welcome emails will be sent automatically and immediately to all new members. They will also receive a series of onboarding emails to help them begin to use and get the most out of their new membership.

  3. Monthly Membership Updates - We communicate on a monthly basis with our membership and hosts through email newsletters and invitations for upgrades.

  4. Request to Stay System - Members and hosts can receive notifications for all activity related to their Requests to Stay by email, SMS texts, and device push notifications on their member's Notification Preferences page.

  5. Marketing Emails - We are excited about communicating with non-members as well, which we do through our marketing emails. If you are a current member/host and are still receiving our marketing emails, please contact us to be removed from this list.

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