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How do I access the map layers in the App?
How do I access the map layers in the App?
Updated over a week ago

Viewing Map Layers in the App

Once you have logged into the App, click on the map layers icon at the top of the home screen below the Search Box and filters and in the right column.

Choose the map layers you would like to show along with Hosts on our map. There are three Map Types at the top of the Layers menu to choose from: street, terrain, and satellite. You can also choose to see the cell phone coverage from the four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Celular. Lastly, there are three types of weather layers available: temperature, precipitation, and wind.

Note: You can combine one Map Type + one Cell or Weather layer at the same time. You can also toggle them on and off in real time by tapping on them in the Layers menu.

You can clear all map layers quickly by clicking the reset button at the top right corner of the Layers menu.

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